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Powerful Planning

1ClickTube's intuitive, cutting edge tools allow you to precisely target your audience and create optimal campaign budgets.

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Better Buys

Our ability to deliver a full service trading desk solution ensures highly efficient and targeted media buys and allows you to stay focused on the client.

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Rigorous Results

Crystal clear reporting lets you understand your ROI and make informed choices.

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━   Effortless Media Buying Across All Channels   ━

Data Leveraged Planning to find your targeted customers

Take the guess work out of targeting your ideal target audience. 1ClickTube combines information about your unique business with billions of media data points to quickly build optimized campaigns across all media types. Better planning means better results. Build powerful, hyper-targeted media plans that attract and retain more of your target audience. Learn More

Purchasing Power

1ClickTube blends powerful, proprietary cross-media spending data with massive local and national buying power to deliver the right advertising mix at the right price. Stop overspending and start buying media with confidence. Whether you are new to advertising, or looking for new ways to reach your target audience, 1ClickTube empowers our users with date, tools, technology, and expertise needed to drive real bottom line results. Getting more doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn More

Measure Results

Gain visibility into your advertising campaigns and identify immediate opportunities for optimization and savings. The 1ClickTube platform manages every advertising dollar to ensure all campaigns run according to plan while delivering easy to understand, actionable, and timely performance reporting and recommendations. Combine actual point of sale (POS) and customer profile information to build hyper-targeted campaigns that drive real sales results. Using data to make informed planning and buying decisions is easier than ever. 1ClickTube’s easy to read SmartReports and media dashboards give you the competitive edge needed to make faster, more accurate decisions about your business. Data allows campaigns to get smarter over time and smarter campaigns yield better results. Learn More


Take it to the next level.

Large, cross-platform media buys, reporting and planning are hurdles that stop a lot of agencies and businesses from achieving their full potential. No longer. Thanks to the power and precision of 1ClickTube, smaller businesses and agencies can now have every advantage of their larger competitors. Sign up today and take it to the next level – with 1ClickTube.Get Started with 1ClickTube